Mobile and Location Marketing

Digital Business Cards and Mobile Wallet

Mobile Wallet:  Wallet keeps you connected with your customers anytime, anywhere, Our LeadsBeacons platform can deliver new mobile interactions, from proximity marketing to contactless payments to in-venue analytics. All in real time. Once your customer is connected, you can send them updated messages, anytime, anywhere – and also entice them back to you when the customer is near a competitor’s location via Geofencing.

Beacon Technology

Working in conjunction with the digital wallet campaign, the city or local businesses can carry a beacon within their store. Using this technology, the participating business can automatically send push notifications (ads, voucherss, specials etc.) directly to accepted mobile devices. Whether the potential customer is driving by the store or within 650 feet of the beacon.

Sales Text Chat

This exclusive service allows businesses to send/receive text messages (SMS) with customers and prospects through the convenience of your desktop computer or any mobile device that has internet access. All chat sessions are archived to your CRM platforms; a double opt-in also creates a compliant system to protect your business.  

Loyalty Program

Provide customers with VIP treatment through personalised content, time-saving features, superior customer-service and valuable offers. Offer vouchers and exclusive content to your best customers. Give customers another reason to visit again.

Muddlemedia is a marketing agency providing all forms of marketing and advertising. Our mission is to connect our clients with their audiences in the most direct and engaging way possible: through the devices that people keep with them at all times. The brain of our agency is our strategy unit, which hosts some of the best and brightest planners and BI experts. We offer strategic output, such as road-maps, as well as specified workshops and insight presentations catered to your company’s needs. Launching with us is just the beginning of our journey – your specified team will keep measuring, analysing, and learning about your project in order to take your team to the next level.